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The Friends of the Cancer Centre

The charity began as a fund-raising group in 1984 who came together to raise money to buy a CT scanner for Oncology at Belvoir Park Hospital.

They then became a bona fide charity under the name Friends of Montgomery House and were a major force in development of Cancer Services at Belvoir Park Hospital contributing over 5 million pounds over 20 years.

Projects included upgrading the Genview Hostel Ward and refurbishing many common areas in the wards to a very high standard. They also funded Research staff including secretaries, Research Nurses and a research and development Radiographer. They also funded an MRI scanner for Belvoir Park Hospital which revolutionised access to MRI for Cancer Patients.

With the move to the Cancer Centre their name has changed to Friends of the Cancer Centre and they are taking on a series of new projects. These include funding an upgrade to the fitting out of the new Glenview Hostel accomodation for patients at a cost of £60,000.

They had their official launch of the new name on Thursday 12th October, and at this they announced a new project. This is a joint venture with Queen's University to fund a new professorial post at Queen's. This will be known as the "Friends of the Cancer Centre chair in Radiation Oncology" and the Friends are funding the post with supporting research staff to the tune of £ 1.25 Million over 5 years.

If you wish to contribute or to organise your own fund-raising fiunction please do not hesitate contact the Friends.

You can contact the Friends by phoning Colleen Shaw at 028 90699393 or by e-mail at




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Friends of the Cancer Centre

N. Ireland Cancer Centre

Belfast City Hospital

Lisburn Road

Belfast BT9 7AB

TEL 028 90699393

mail@friends of the cancercentrecom.