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Day 2 Diary


Stage 2 – Pamplona to Logronos – 21/09/2006 - 92Km

Distance 58 miles (92km). Feet climbed 3,950. Cyling Time 4 hrs 49

Finding the route out of Pamplona was a little difficult but Barney managed well. With a good road surface they climbed 250 metres up to the tiny village of Uterga, with its fountain for pilgrims. Up hill and down dale into the teeth of the wind from hurricane Gordon to Puenta La Reina (20hard km done), where a leisurely coffee stop allowed some recovery. This village has 3 interesting churches and one of the oldest pilgrim hostels on the Camino. The 12 th Century church of Santiago was worth a visit and has a 14 th century statue of St Jacques.

First sight of the wee rise out of pamplona

Gerry gets the evil eye for usurping the captain's lead-off


As Barney tries to psyche out the hill ahead Susie does a quick check on binocular vision



Paul puts his railway timetable away before the off


David laughs incredulously at Larry's suggestion that Paul Nolan plans a lone breakaway after lunch


On a long drag to Estella, Suzie dreams of lunch


The multi-coloured dream machine, with his bike


Seamus makes a tough decision. Gerry, waiting for the spoils, hopes he goes for orange

At 38 Km lunch was taken in the Main Square in Estella (which is very ancient (11 th Century) but slightly run down). The 12 th Century Palace of the Kings of Naverre was worth a visit but was given a miss. A little further on was Irache with a famous 12th Century Benedictine Monastery. Beside the monastery is the famous wine fountain which dispenses free red wine to pilgrims, as well as water. With only 42 km done, caution was advised on consumption, but advice is not always seen (vide infra).


From here the rolling hills continued but the wind had shifted from headwind to crosswind and eventually to partial tailwind. The final stage was therefore a little easier but care was neded due to alarming gusts of crosswind and the wet road due to fleeting showers.

The hotel in Logrono is first class and has taken a dip in standards with this evening's arrivals. After dinner a short visit was made to a local pub. Gerry met two Englishmen, and a fifty Euro note changed hands. Gerry suggests that it was simply a donation to the cycle (who doubts that?).

Weather forecast for tomorrow is better. Ever onwards to meet the chickens!


Knowing that Paul "Never a drop" Nolan has gone up the road, Barney goes for the turbo boost at the wine fountain

Having tested the merchandise a happy Turlough tanks up


Barney suggests going through Nutt's Corner, Jimmy wonders just how much wine he sampled


The walking pilgrim (Seamus)


Today, after stocking up at the wine fountain in Irache, he walked to Los Arcos. The paths were better quality but they were more remote. Quite a few hils but he met a wide range of walkers from Australia, Germany and Denmark. The weather turned nasty with whipping winds and sharp showers. Total distance 18km (12 miles).

Medieval village of Liquin on the camino walk


Trees in foreground bent over by wind, heavy shower on the hill, Hello Gordon!



Still hoping to insert Gerry's performance data here when it has been suitably massaged (more work required than expected).





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